How many people does each Tiki hold? 

Each boat can take up to six passengers. This is the Coast Guard's law so it is NOT flexible, even if your extra passengers are young or "very small". However, we have 4 boats, so we can take groups as large as 24 people at a time! 


I have 10 people how would that work?

When we have groups larger than 6 people, we offer "tandem" cruises where the boats will anchor next to each other once they get to Crab Island. This way you will only be apart for the 15 minute ride to and from the sandbar. To ease confusion all parties over 6 passengers will have 18% gratuity added automatically to their reservations.


I want to book now but I'm worried about bad weather. If I book and it storms the day of how does that work? 

If your Captain cancels your trip due to bad weather you will be offered a rebooking if available or you will be given a full refund on the card you booked with. 


Can I smoke/vape on board?

No. Due to Coast Guard regulations, you cannot smoke on the vessel. When the boat is at the sandbar feel free to smoke and vape while you are in the water. 


It is BYOB but does that mean I can bring liquor or is it just beer and wine?

Liquor is allowed, as are beer and wine and glass bottles are ok. Please know your limits, if you become overly intoxicated the Captain will cut your trip short and offer no refunds. 


Can I bring food with me on board?

Yes you may. 


What are you doing to prevent Covid 19?

Our Captains are deeply sanitizing each vessel between each trip. Our trips are also limited to just 6 persons. The boats are also 16 feet wide in all directions so you are never on top of each other. Its a great way to social distance and still have fun. 


Will you provide parking?

No. Parking is a challenge so give yourself plenty of time to find it. We cannot hold the boat while you are looking for a spot. We always recommend rideshare if possible as an easier way to get to the boats. Slow traffic is common in Destin, especially in the summer season. Always take traffic into consideration to ensure you arrive on time.


Does the Captain make the drinks for us? 

No. We are not legally a bar, therefore we cannot serve you alcohol. All of our trips our BYOB, and MYOD (make your own drinks)! The Captain will keep busy driving you safely to and from your destination and keeping you safe while on board. 


Do you provide floaties?

No. But we do have a pump on board to fill up any floaties you would like to bring. Once the Tiki boat is safely anchored your Captain can inflate those for you. 


We don't have a car, how can we get to the boats?

Uber can be hard to get in the season or unreliable. We suggest using a taxi service like Destinharborshuttle.com to move your entire group at once.